No legal grounds to return Kohinoor: Alok Sharma


According to the nation fresh minister of Asia and Pacific affairs, the United Kingdom does not consider that there is any legal ground for them to return the Kohinoor diamond to India. Alok Sharma’s remarks come amid speculation that the Narendra Modi administration is planning to commence a campaign to get the diamond back. Sharma also conveyed that, throughout his primary visit to India, it is the UK government’s that there are no lawful grounds for restitution. He also cited the United Nations meeting on restitution of cultural property to support his statement. The rule, adopted in 1970, is careful the guiding principle regarding such disputes.

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On April 18, the National Democratic Alliance government had conveyed that India cannot stake claim on the prized diamond as according to the Ministry of Culture, the British did not steal it or forcibly take it from the nation. The announcement was made to the Supreme Court, which had asked the Centre to clarify its stand on the PIL filed by All India Human Rights & Social Justice Front. He was referring to the UN convention on restitution of cultural property, which has been the guiding principle on such matters since it was adopted in 1970.

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