No Indian contingent to be allowed for events before bio data checks: Sports Minister Vijay Goel


Amid Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) ongoing investigation into two doctors who were sent by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) with the contingent to the Rio Olympics, Minister Vijay Goel decided to employ a stringent policy going forward. On Saturday Sports Minister Vijay Goel clarified that IOA will currently check proper bio data and expertise of the contingents prior to making a final list for an event.

Goel has also conveyed that, CBI is investigating next to two doctors who went to Rio Olympics, against whom there have been conjecture that they were not qualified. I want to clarify two things. When a contingent participates in Olympics then the proper endorsement is taken on how many numbers of people would come down. Goel further conveyed the norms for clearing of athletes for sporting events would currently alter.

Former, names were automatically approved to avoid delays. Previous, we used to push contingent for names. Their failure to do the similar until the last moment propelled us to give them the consent to avoid delay. But currently, the Sports Ministry has resolute that the IOA would clarify all details of the applicants who go for the event.

We will clarify his name, bio data, expertise, domain expertise and other needed things prior to giving approval. The Joint Secretary of the IOA, Anandeshwar Pandey, former conveyed that everyone must help and support the inquiry by the CBI, adding the doctors sent to Rio de Janeiro belong to reputed fields.

Pandey has also further conveyed that, they together were reputed doctors, one belonged to the Army and the other was administration doctor. The CBI is an eminent agency and, consequently, the concerned person must cooperate and support the enquiry. On Friday, the CBI commenced an inquiry next to two doctors – Pawandeep Singh and R.S. Negi, who went to Rio Olympics in 2016 along with the Indian contingent previous year without proper qualifications.

It was accounted that IOA showed ‘favoritism’ in sending two unqualified doctors to Rio. Pawandeep’s father, Tarlochan Singh, is the vice-president of the IOA whereas, Negi is a distant cousin and close friend of IOA secretary general Rajeev Mehta.