No ditching gym for Aditya Roy Kapur


Entertainment: Young actor Aditya Roy Kapur, who is currently shooting for his next film, makes sure not to ditch the gym even after a long shoot day. The actor was recently spotted shooting in South Mumbai for the same.

The cast and crew have been shooting for 14 to 16 hours a day. But even after shoot, the only thing that Aditya does not miss is his daily workouts.Being a fitness freak and committed to his plans, Aditya makes it a point to devote a good amount of time to his workout which is required daily.

Aditya is very dedicated to his workout regime.  Even after a long day of work, he does not like to miss his gym. So in order to not skip his gym, the young actor often heads to a gym in South Mumbai only. The gym is very close to his shooting location which helps Aditya save a lot of time while perfectly staying on schedule to maintain his fitness goals.

Aditya's spokesperson confirms the news and shares, "Aditya considers his workout regime to be a very important part of his daily routine and makes sure that he never misses it. In fact he finds it extremely rejuvenating to workout after a long day."