No comparison between Narendra Modi and Indira Gandhi, claims Sonia Gandhi


Congress President Sonia Gandhi alleged on Monday that there was no comparison between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and late Indira Gandhi.  

"It doesn't inconvenience me since I don't have faith in it. I have my own unmistakable perspectives about it. There is no examination. By no means," Sonia Gandhi said.

She likewise dismisses recommendations that the gathering did not have pioneers to take him on.

The top pioneer of Congress said that her gathering was going up against the Modi government.

"Each period in governmental issues or history has its own issues, its own pioneers and its own restriction. I think the Congress gathering is going up against the present administration," Sonia Gandhi told India Today TV.

She was answering to a question whether her gathering should have been focused dissimilar to the 70s when it was prevailing and that it didn't have a pioneer to go up against Modi.

To another question that her gathering did not have an extreme and aggressive pioneer like Modi, she said, "I don't concur with that."

She reviewed that Indira Gandhi was scorned, offended and ridiculed from inside much more than outside when she entered legislative issues, turned into a Congress president and later Prime Minister.

There was nothing that she did was correct. She could "conquer" that, Gandhi said.

To a question whether her kids can go up against Modi, Sonia said "completely, totally".

"So much is anticipated from us since we have a specific surname, we have a place with a specific family. We kind of accumulate some kind of inward quality to make it workable for us to face such things," she said.

She radiated certainty that her gathering will come up from its ebb and flow position of having just 45 situates in the Lok Sabha.

It is "totally conceivable" for the Congress to return to power, she said.

"We will continue battling. Indira Gandhi was composed off, she battled back, we will battle as well," Sonia said.

Asked whether her child Rahul Gandhi or little girl Priyanka Gandhi will convey forward the family's political legacy, the Congress boss said she is not the one to choose or answer.

She additionally dismisses the charge that Indira Gandhi and she herself "advanced tradition".


"Much the same as in the group of specialists, educators, representatives, either individual inside the family will pick an indistinguishable way from the father… In governmental issues, you are chosen and vanquished justly," she said.

She said Indira Gandhi was not "frightfully sharp" on joining governmental issues but rather she didn't for the nation and its kin.

Gotten some information about the Emergency, she said if Indira Gandhi had not felt to a great degree uncomfortable with it at some stage, she would not have called for race.

"I can't state how she would see Emergency today, however in the event that she had not felt greatly uncomfortable she would not have called for decisions. There were examples when Rajivji was a pilot and on events he would meet individuals who might state this is occurring and he would tell his mom. I could see that she heard him and would see her react," said Sonia.

Sonia said she joined legislative issues to maintain the estimations of her relative and that of the Congress.

"I thought on my side it was a touch of weakling to not join. Around then there was nothing else on brain except for to maintain the goals of not only my relative, my significant other and the gathering," she said.