Nitish Kumar is adhering to Mahagathbandhan dharma, protecting Raj Bhallabh, says Sushil Modi


Previous Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi has taken an agree at the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar affirming that RJD MLA Raj Ballabh Yadav, blamed for assaulting a minor young lady, was discharged from prison by Nitish.

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Modi said that the Bihar CM basically held fast to the "Mahagathbandhan dharma" in getting the assault charged RJD MLA discharged from prison. Modi said Raj Ballabh's discharge was like that of Shahabuddin, the feared mafia wear. He said the state government had helped Raj Ballabh Yadav secure safeguard from the Patna High Court.

"At the point when BJP-JDU government was in force and a Japanese young lady was assaulted by an auto driver, the trial was finished in inside 15 days and equity was conveyed. It is amazing how it has been over seven months that the assault episode occurred and the MLA secured safeguard from Court", said Sushil Modi. Modi asked Nitish for what good reason there was a deferral of three days in cabin the FIR against the assault blamed MLA when the occurrence had occurred on February 6 this year

. He additionally addressed why Raj Ballabh Yadav was not captured notwithstanding the minor casualty having recognized him. The BJP leader addressed why the casualty was made to experience medicinal test by a solitary specialist board and why a therapeutic board was constituted following nine days. Modi inquired as to why there was a postponement of 21 days in grabbing the property of the charged RJD MLA and in capturing him.

 "At the point when the legal group went to Raj Ballabh's home, his supporters fled from the spot. Why was nobody captured there and afterward?" addressed Modi. He said while Raj Ballabh was suspended from RJD, the whole party was firmly remaining behind him. Modi inquired as to whether the Bihar CM had the mettle to answer addresses that he raised.

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