Nitish Kumar: drink juice in a dark room to get the feeling of having liquor


PATNA: Backing his choice to force disallowance in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday prompted  individuals not to ruin their health and drink  juice  in dark room to get the feel of  having alcohol.

While tending to media people, Mr Kumar said, "Only for a peg or a two, why are you ruining everything? Kindly don't do this, beverage juice. Switch off the light and drink juice, you will feel as though you are drinking liquor," Mr Kumar said.

"The bliss and fulfillment that I got from banning liquor was something I never accomplished," he included. He encourage said that drinking or not drinking liquor is exclusively the choice of the person. Prior amid the year, Nitish Kumar's legislature upheld an aggregate restriction in the state from April 1.

The Bihar Excise (Amendment) Act that came into power on April 1, 2016, had confined the production, transport, deal and utilization of alcohol in Bihar and with viable execution, the state was pronounced dry on April 6. Nitish Kumar's legislature authorized aggregate preclusion in Bihar in April this year. He even requested that Prime Minister Modi force disallowance crosswise over India.

The punitive arrangements in the Act are stringent as there is an extensive fine and additionally an expansive correctional facility sentence for anybody discovered disregarding the laws.

The foundation of check posts and hindrances around the state has made it almost inconceivable for the individuals who wish to devour liquor to source it.