NIMS University’s chairman was arrested for an alleged case of attempt to rape


JAIPUR: A group of Jharkhand police on Tuesday captured director of NIMS University from his Moti Doongri habitation for a charged instance of endeavor to assault and attack stopped at Chutia police headquarters in Jharkhand in 2015.

Explosives found at Kota station

Police created the charged under the watchful eye of a neighborhood court where they secured his remand.

The case goes back to February 6, 2015, when a young lady held up a protestation against him at a police headquarters in Ranchi. On July 4, 2015, his safeguard request was rejected by a court in Ranchi and issued capture warrant against him.

The police had made a few endeavors to capture him from Jaipur other than sending him a few notification to show up before the able power of Chutia police headquarters in Ranchi.

As indicated by Ranchi police, the young lady was seeking after her single guy's at NIMS University, Jaipur, and was dwelling in the school inn.

"On October 25, 2014, the denounced (B S Tomar) went to Ranchi. The young lady, who hails from Ranchi, was there with her folks around then. Tomar welcomed her and her dad to the lodging where he was staying to go to a capacity," said a senior officer of Jharkhand police on Tuesday while conversing with TOI. " After the capacity closed, at around 8 pm, Tomar called upon her and advised her that he needed to send her to Europe under an understudies' trade program, asking for her to stay back. While her dad left to some other spot, the charged called her in his room and attempted to constrain himself upon herself. The young lady raised complaint," he said .

Police further said that on February 1, 2016, at around 6:30 am, she got a message from him on her portable furthermore an approach February 4, 2015, when the last addressed her for 47 minutes. In the discussion, the young lady claims sexual suggestions, even as she recorded the discussion in her mo bile. From that point, the young lady had stopped a body of evidence against Tomar at the Ranchi police headquarters. "We had held up a case under areas 376511 and 354(outraging unobtrusiveness) of IPC. Later, we sent him notification to show up at the police headquarters, we were dependably informed that he was going outside the nation . This time we had particular data on his nearness. Hence, our group with Jaipur police captured him," the officer included. Lat er, in the day when Tomar was taken to the equipped court by Jharkhand police looking for his travel remand, Tomar's direction protested it. His advice prior asked for the court that since charged needs to go for angiography , he ought to be permitted a travel safeguard. "We had asked for that he ought to be permitted a travel safeguard and following 7 days he will show up before Ranchi police," said Pawan Sharma, direction of Tomar.

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