Nigerian Planning To Dupe Kolkata Businessman Arrested In Delhi


A Nigerian national was captured at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport for “forgery” and conveying “suspicious papers” and a fluid chemical substance, the police said.

The denounced was likewise observed to be going on produced archives.

On May 2, a Nigerian national was off-stacked from a flight after a sweep of his check-in luggage demonstrated a “suspicious” heap of papers and a container containing a compound substance, the police said.

Amid cross examination, the Nigerian uncovered his real name – Gabriel Blessing Efe. He likewise admitted that he was going on a fake name and his passport and visa were produced.

Efe uncovered that he was asked by a Nigerian companion called Tonny, who is situated in Kolkata, to get the chemical and “papers of the span of money notes” from Delhi.

Efe had obtained these things from another Nigerian called Oscar, whom he met at the New Delhi railroad station.

Tonny and Efe had arrangements to trick a businessman in Kolkata on the appearance of getting him US dollars for shabby, the police stated, including that the twosome would have told the agent that in the wake of being washed in the chemical, the papers would change into US dollars.

Be that as it may, before Efe could achieve Kolkata, he was captured in the national capital.

Fourteen packs with 100 “notes” each and the chemical substance were seized from his ownership. The police is going through the CCTV film to follow the man who given over the fluid compound to Efe.