NH-8 situated Dhabas face 50% drop in business


JAIPUR: A huge number of dhabas situated on the country’s busiest national highway stretching from Jaipur to Kishengarh are on the verge of closure due to the recent currency ban by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

These dhabas have seen a half drop in business since November 8 as truckers and private transport travelers, who constitute a noteworthy piece of their clients, are on a hyper sparing mode.

The little diners, which are totally reliant on truckers, have turned into the primary loss of the drive against dark cash. Ratan Lal Sharma, who runs Shekawati Dhaba in Dudu, has not seen a client since midnight.

“I have arranged food for just 50 individuals. We used to get 200 clients on any given day. In any case, now I need to either through the nourishment away or circulate it for nothing. I am prepared to give sustenance using a loan however my typical clients have been missing,” Sharma said.

He has at long last chosen to close down the restaurant to cut misfortunes endured in the course of recent days from wastage.

Indeed, even the well known dhabas are thinking that its hard to support as they are giving sustenance on layaway with no surety.

Jaipur Restaurant at Mahela has a parking spot for 50 trucks. It is typically full amid lunch and supper hours however observed just three trucks wager ween 1.45pm and 2.30pm on Saturday. The eatery’s business has crashed to 20%, since November 8.

“Our clients are for the most part truck drivers and travelers. The quantity of drivers and in addition their spending on sustenance have fallen by half. The other half is requesting credit as they are our standard clients. I can’t state no as it would influence my business,” said Mohd Ishaq, director at Jaipur Restaurant.

The higher evaluated dishes, for example, paneer, chana masala have no takers and a couple offering non-veggie lover sustenance ha ve quit serving those dishes for a considerable length of time.

Ramesh Gujjar, a general at Jaipur Restaurant, has asked for credit. He transports merchandise from Gurugram to Ahmedabad and has Rs 3,000 with him in five notes of Rs 500 and five of Rs 100. “All I have as legitimate delicate is Rs 500 for four suppers, 8-10 tea and a parcel of cigarettes. From midnight, I had two Rs 10 snacks and three teas. Following 12 hours, I am having a full feast here. The Rs 500 note is of no utilization unless I `sell’ or trade it operating at a profit showcase,” said Gujjar.