NGT report not scientific says AOL


 Bengaluru: Rebutting the National Green Tribunal's report on the devastation of the Yamuna floodplain, the Art of Living Foundation on Wednesday said that its discoveries were unscientific and one-sided. "There is no examination, nor any inside and out examination… nor any test report to bolster these conclusions.

These are only the feelings of the master panel and don't portray the genuine condition of the World Culture Festival ground," AOL said. Speaking to AOL, a group of specialists tended to the media on Wednesday. The group, containing Dr Ranjan, environment and biological community master, Dr Prabhakar Rao, environment master, and Nikhil Sakharadande and Kedar Desai, legitimate direction, guaranteed that the report was an endeavor to censure AOL.

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While the NGT report asserted that the ground utilized for occasion was a wetland, the Survey of India guide, or whatever other government archive, didn't remember it all things considered. Rather, it was delegated a floodplain, it said. The group demanded that horticultural movement was going ahead in the territory where the occasion occurred, hence the affirmations of biodiversity being pulverized were unjustifiable.

"The satellite photos of the range demonstrate that there was rural action going ahead in the region," it said. While the NGT report charged that lakes and water bodies in the range were leveled and obliterated, at the end of the day indicating a satellite symbolism, AOL asserted no lakes or water bodies existed at the area of the occasion.

 "We have been given conclusions with no reference to the system utilized; no thinking behind the conclusion has been given," the group said. It further included that compacting of the area was impractical as, by its tendency, sand couldn't be packed. "It is total waste that we have straightened that area. On the off chance that we have leveled the area, why it has been portrayed as a level area in 1985?" scrutinized the group.

A careless examination was done at the World Culture Festival ground before the occasion. After this, they concocted an irregular figure of Rs 120 crore to be paid as pay. Later, The Art of Living found a letter by the director of the master board of trustees, Shashi Shekhar, kept in touch with the NGT conceding this was a 'coincidental oversight'.

 This is clear evidence of their planned stand. Having officially committed this error, it is clear that they have now presented a report just to legitimize the conclusions that they had achieved before, else it will defamed, " the group said. Discussing further activity, the group said it would approach the NGT to investigate the report and select an unprejudiced council to inspect the case.

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