NGT dismisses Delhi government, denies to exempt two-wheelers and women in Odd-Even


Delhi: The Delhi government has rejected its petition before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in the odd-even case. On Tuesday, NGT stated that it requires to make alterations to the scheme. The government has inquired it to look after logical clarification when they approach the tribunal again.

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The National Green Tribunal went on a rough line of interrogation against the Delhi government, reports said. It stated that the Delhi government has unlocked the schools and what the government was doing was illegal.

NGT had directed the Delhi government why it could not operate ladies-only buses to deal with transport problems throughout the days when odd-even was valid. It also directed why two-wheelers have been let off where have been reports that they are more contaminating than four-wheelers. NGT asserted that 31 percent of effluence releases from two-wheelers.

The NGT further interrogated the short of positive actions and why anyone should be free from. “Last time you said, you’re procuring 4,000 buses, what happened to that?” NGT stated.

Kejriwal government on Monday had lodged a review petition at the NGT in which it ordered release for women drivers and two-wheelers for 2017.

“We have lodged the review petition ordering exemptions for women drivers and two-wheelers for this year only,” Delhi government counsel Tarunvir Singh Khehar stated.

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Earlier, the NGT interrogated the Delhi government for not lodging a review petition and doubted if its statement on Saturday was a media attention-grabber. Khehar reacted that the holdup in lodging the review petition was because of registry matter.