NEW YEAR EVE SPECIAL: Best ways to Apply Eye Liner


Eye liner is must for any kind of party but, girls usually get bored with the same way of applying kajal. We have got you some amazing ways of applying eye liner. Check them out!

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Cat style eye liner

Applying eye line in this manner will give an amazing elegant look to your eye shape.

Winged style liner

Eyes are the most prominent and beautiful plus sensitive part of human body. Eye liner outlines the beauty of eye.

Double winged eye liner

Eye shape defines the beauty of a person and eye whereas , eye liner add up the charm to that beauty.

Chic eye liner style

This is the thicker and bold version of cat and winged eye liner. Try this look to give yourself different look!

Wing tip eye liner

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This style is kind of similar to cat eye style but, this one gives a sharper look over the upper lid and lash of the eye.