Why New Year is celebrated on January 1?


The time has come to say 2017 ‘Bye’ and welcome 2018. The party mood can be seen on everyone’s mind. Hotels and clubs are all set to celebrate new-year in a grand manner. People have started sending wishes to their close ones through social media. There are many beliefs and reasons associated with New Year. It is believed that the month of January is named after Lord Janos.

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Check why New Year is celebrated on January 1?

It is said that the Rome Emperor Julius Caesar founded Julian calendar in 45 BC, and since then, New Year is celebrated on January 1 in several parts of the world.

Before the establishment of the calendar, people were also unaware that there is a astronomical logic behind the beginning of the year on January 1.

A logical reason for celebrating New Year on 1st January is that the last day of December is the smallest day of the year, after which the days ahead are long.

The first New Year was celebrated on 23 March 2000 BC.

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There are many countries in the world where the New Year is celebrated on March 20, but not on January 1. Egyptians and Persians start the New Year around September 20th while in Greeks New Year is celebrated close to 20th of December.