New Programs of Microsoft provide gaming across Xbox One and Windows 10



‘Play Anywhere’ Programme announced by Microsoft during its E3 presentation in Los Angeles,to support gaming across Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

On June 13,during reveal of Xbox’s media briefing at E3 in Los Angeles, a new Play Anywhere programme supports gaming across Microsoft’s Xbox One on computer running its windows 10 system.

 Every title shown during the Xbox E3 2016 briefing supported Play Anywhere in some capacity.

Buying one of those games provides ownership on Xbox One and Windows 10, with progress transferable between the two, and a good number of them touted cross-platform multiplayer; friends on Xbox One and Windows 10 could play with each other, a historically rare occurrence in console gaming spheres.

That's changing as big, upcoming releases like the driving game "Forza Horizon 3" and action title "Gears of War 4" rally in support of Microsoft's cross-platform concept.

 Crucially, Windows 10 is supported while older versions of the Windows operating system are not.