New model of Volkswagen will not enter in India Market


The next generation Jetta, which is yet to make its official debut, will not be sold in the Indian market. German automaker Volkswagen has decided not to bring the next generation Jetta and the current sedan will be sold in India till stock runs out. The reason stated for this is the apparent high cost of the 2017 model compared to the current Jetta, which indeed retails at a relatively higher price point.

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The insatiable appetite of Indians for SUVs and MPVs has also played a vital role in the slow death of this segment. The entire segment has been engulfed by UVs. India is a very price conscious market and when one is getting an SUV which offers sedan-like comfort levels; its impressive road presence turns out to be just the icing on the cake and secures the deal. It is high time that the German automaker re-enters the SUV market in the country since it is undoubtedly one of the highest selling segments these days.

If we dive into the numbers as well, the current generation Jetta isn't rolling out of showrooms as fast as its rivals. Volkswagen sold 1,940 units of the Jetta last year. By contrast, the Toyota Corolla Altis, its primary competitor, managed to clock 6,506 units while Skoda, which is also under the Volkswagen Group, also managed to retail the Octavia more than the Jetta by selling a total of 2,675 units in the same time period.

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