New laws for hostelers in JNU, other universities


TSR Subramaniam Committee has implemented new laws for the hostelers of JNU and other top universities.

This decision has been proposed by government body which has introduced new laws restricting the stay of students in university hostels longer than the course they have enrolled for.

The complaints that have been made by students of the certain top universities about students who take years to graduate and hence occupy hostels, blocking the chances of others.

Colleges that are targeted with this probable law of the TSR Subramanium Committee include:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
  • Hyderabad University
  • Film and Television Institute, Pune

What the committee/panel thinks:

  • It has been noted that these students who stay for longer than the period of finishing their degrees are the ones who actively participate in protests and demonstrations, affecting the atmosphere of a campus
  • Students who stay in the hostels for longer duration think that they have started owning the college

Other recommendations:

  • The panel suggested a uniform national test for admission to undergraduate courses and doubling government expenditure on education
  • The committee said class 10 examinations in mathematics and science should be in two levels– Part B at a basic level and Part A at an advanced level
  • Another advice of the panel is on restricting political activity on campus and elimination of student groups based on caste, religion and political parties
  • The recommendations have been made even more firmly because of the latest issues that stole all the limelight, including JNU protests, FTII protests and Dalit suicide at the University of Hyderabad