New Jersey Train Accident: 3 dead, 100 injured


A fast moving New Jersey Transit commuter train crashed, at one of the busiest transportation hubs in the New York City metropolitan region the Hoboken Terminal in Hoboken, New Jersey during the morning rush hours.

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The transit no. #1614 train was arriving from Spring Valley when it crashed into the Hoboken terminal around 8:45 AM EDT. The train went over the bumper block, through the rail concourse and came to rest at the wall right before the station's waiting area. The cab car sustained major structural damage.

One witness reported that the train "never slowed down" as it entered the station, which is located at the end of the line.

The train reportedly lacked an automatic brake system using Positive Train Control (PTC), which is used to slow the train in case the engineer does not apply the brake in time, although it is unclear whether the lack of PTC contributed to the crash or not.

The accident reported 1 dead and over 100 people injured, some in critical situation. The injured were taken to the Jersey City Medical Center and Hoboken University Medical Center, and at least one was sent to Christ Hospital. A woman standing on the platform, was killed by falling debris who was identified as attorney Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, 34, a married mother of one and native of Brazil who had recently moved to Hoboken. The majority of those injured were passengers on the crashed train.

Following the accident, rail service to and from the Hoboken station (including PATH service) was suspended, and local buses and ferries were cross-honoring NJ Transit train tickets. The PATH was suspended due to fears that the roof of the PATH station, where the derailed NJ Transit train came to rest, might collapse. PATH service into and out of the station was restored by the end of the day.

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