New hoodies with larger pockets for Pet Lovers


Some pet lovers are so obsessed with their pets that they can’t leave their pets alone like for just a second. If you are one of those pet lovers and ever wanted to nuzzle your pet in your pocket like a mama kangaroo does her Joey, you’re going to paw-sitively love Mewgaroo, the hoodie sweatshirt that lets you do just that.

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Unihabitat, the Japanese company behind the product, released the hoodie last year, but has now updated its wares with a new Mewgaroo model with a larger pocket, to accommodate pets who need some extra space.

Now cats of all sizes can get swaddled in fuzzy sweatshirt goodness.

The old Mewgaroo pocket had a capacity of about six liters, but the new one is double the size, meaning it can accommodate cats up to about 15 pounds.

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