New Delhi: Acid attack victim’s from Family staged a protest outside Mulayam Singh Yadav’s residence


NEW DELHI: The guardians and relatives of a acid attack victim from Mathura who died at a Delhi Hospital staged a Prottest outside Samajwadi Party Leader Mulayam Singh Yadav’s House in New Delhi on Thursday. 

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Tayabba, a 18-year-old young lady, was experiencing treatment at RML Hospital throughout the previous two months. A 22-year-old-man Irshad had allegedly thrown acid on her in July after she Rejected him and her family got her drew in to another man. 

The young lady, who had a place with Mathura, was experiencing treatment in Agra after which she was alluded to RML Hospital in Delhi. Irshad was Arrested after the assault however Tayabba’s relatives affirmed that Irshad was accompanied by his mom, sister and a close relative when he Thrown Acid on her. 

Her family and relatives organized a Protest outside Mr Yadav’s home on Ashoka Road requesting the Arrest of Irshad’s relatives allegedly involved and financial aid for the poor family of the victim, said Narender Malik, of the Navyuvak Sabha, who was part of the protest.

Tayabba’s dad hasn’t been keeping great and her sister and mom make anklets, said Mr Malik. 

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Around 15-20 nonconformists were confined around 1 pm and taken to Parliament Street police headquarters where they were let off at night, police said.