New-Born Girl Declared Dead By Doctors, Started Crying Out While Being Buried


DHAKA: A new-born baby girl in Bangladesh who was declared dead by doctors started crying out while being buried, media reports said today.

Galiba Hayat, the first child of district cricket team player Najmul Huda and his advocate wife Naznin Akhter, was born on Thursday in Faridpur, about 140 km from the Bangladeshi capital.Two hours after her Birth to the world, doctors at the hospital proclaimed her dead after which she was taken to a memorial park for entombment, Media reported.

The guardian of the memorial park requested that her relatives return on Friday morning for the entombment as the "assumed" dead infant spent the night in a container at the burial ground. In any case, exactly when all conventions were finished for her internment, she started crying. Quickly, she was raced to an adjacent healing facility from where specialists alluded her to Dhaka.

The infant's granddad Abdul Kalam said, , "Doctors had referred her to Dhaka oThursday itself but we could not do so owing to financial condition."On Saturday, a person who is unwilling to reveal his identity, expressed his desire to bear the cost of her treatment and arranged for her to be taken to Dhaka's Square Hospital for treatment by helicopter," he said.

"The newborn is in a serious condition as she was born 24 weeks into the pregnancy and weighs 700 grams. So she was sent for intensive care treatment to Dhaka. If she gets good care, good results may be expected," Faridpur Sadar Hospital Head of Paediatrics Dr Khondokar Mohamed Abdullah said.After the news spread, people turned out in large numbers to wish speedy recovery for the baby.