Never do things if you have a Shivling at your home


Isolated corner

Try not to build up the Shivling at a place where you can’t venerate it ordinary – ensure that you keep it in a disorder free and clean space where you can go to it regular.


Turmeric is said to improve the excellence of a lady, notwithstanding it ought not be offered to a Shivling, since that is an image of the male divinity Shiva.


One ought not offer sindoor or vermilion to a Shivling, since sindoor is utilized by ladies to expand the life expectancy of their spouses and since Shiva is the God of annihilation, he ought not be offered such things.

Changing positions

On the off chance that you are changing the position of the Shivling, ensure that you wash it with some gangaajal and chilly drain before keeping it at a different place.

Cold Milk

On the off chance that you are putting forth drain to the Shivling, then don’t do as such specifically from the bundle, ensure that you utilize a kitchen utensil for it – the drain ought to be super cold, it doesn’t mind the climate outside.


Ensure that the Shivling is made up pf either Gold, silver or metal – the icon of Shiva ought to have a snake joined to his body.

Water fountain

At the point when keeping the Shivling at home, ensure that its drinking fountain is kept up all during that time and night and does not quit streaming.

Keep idols

While building up Shivling, ensure that you keep a symbol of Gauri and Ganesh alongside it. The Shivling ought not be continued its own.

Tulsi leaves

Absolutely never offer Tulsi leaves to the Shivling. Continuously offer just Bael leaves to Lord Shiva as it is thought to be promising.


Ordinary, in the wake of washing, ensure that you apply a sandalwood tilak on the Shivling. It is said that it keeps the icon cool and unadulterated.

Coconut water

It is said that you ought to never offer coconut water as an offering to the shivling. You can offer crude coconuts however.

Life span

Wood apple prominently known as Bael is an organic product that speaks to life span – it is said that offering this natural product to Lord Shiva regular can expand your life expectancy.


Before beginning any puja or custom, the shivling ought to be initially offered Panchamrit, which is a blend of drain, ganga jal, sugar and water.

White flowers

With regards to blooms, a Shivling ought to just be offered white blossoms – it is said that white blooms satisfies Lord Shiva.

Reviled flowers

This separated, it is said that one ought to never offer kewda and champa blooms to a Shivling. It is said that these blooms have been reviled by Lord Shiva.


While doing abhishek of the Lord, it is said that it ought to dependably be done in a naag yoni stand which is comprised of gold, silver or metal.

Try not to devour

It is said that one ought to never devour anything that is offered to a Shivling. Doing this can make bad luck to fall on you. One ought to dependably give whatever is offered to God.

Other cosmetic things

Much the same as Sindoor, one ought not offer whatever other corrective things to the Shivling. Such things can be utilized for the symbols of goddess Parvati.

Steel stand

While doing Abhishek of the Shivling, ensure that you never utilize a steel stand – the stand ought to either be made in gold, silver or metal.