Netanyahu wasn’t ready for Gaza tunnel war


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to prepare his country for Hamas's use of tunnels during the 2014 Gaza war, according to a key report cited by local media Friday.

Shapiro, who is in charge of assessing state policies and the use of public funds, opened the inquiry soon after the July-August 2014 conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group which controls the Gaza strip.

His long-awaited report, which ministers and military officials received Thursday, has not been publicly released but local media cited officials familiar with its contents.Preventing Palestinian militants from launching rockets from Gaza into Israel and destroying Hamas tunnels were

Israel's key goals when it launched the 2014 assault, its third war in the coastal territory in six years.
Israel's border with Gaza is sealed by a closely monitored security barrier. 

But during the war, Israel's military found 32 tunnels, including 14 that extended from the Gaza Strip into Israel, according to a UN inquiry into the conflict.

Gaza militants s utilized the passages amid battle, including to do cross-outskirt assaults. 

The Israeli armed force said it devastated more than 30 burrows amid the 50-day struggle. 

A draft of Shapira's report in October purportedly pummeled Netanyahu and Moshe Yaalon, who was protection serve at the time. 

It was cited as saying the security foundation "did not have a far reaching arrangement for managing Hamas' hostile passages". 

A senior armed force official said a month ago that Israeli troops ought to have been exceptional arranged for passage fighting. 

A source near Netanyahu on Friday dismisses the allegation that he had not enough educated his bureau of the risk. 

The risk was talked about "with all the earnestness required at 13 distinct gatherings," the source said. 

The war executed 2,251 Palestinians and left 100,000 destitute, as indicated by the UN. 

On the Israeli side, 73 individuals were executed, the majority of them troopers. 

The UN report said both Israel and Palestinian activists may have carried out atrocities, discrediting "uncommon" destruction and human enduring. 

The Shapiro report might be politically harming for Netanyahu, who has confronted feedback from political rivals over the passages.