Nepalese woman molested in club: Gurugram


A Nepali lady was purportedly attacked and her husband was mercilessly ambushed in Gurugram’s club named Elite, situated on MG street on Saturday night.

At the point when the husband of the lady, who is in her mid 20s, attempted to ensure her, he was fiercely beaten by the goons.

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The episode occurred at around 10pm. According to the complaint with police, three people in smashed state, supposedly snatched her while she was on the dance floor with her husband.

“The demonstration of the trio was unequivocally protested by her husband that prompted a contention. The blamed dragged sufferer’s husband out for the club and whipped him brutally. Club’s bouncers professedly did not intercede for a long while that escalated the issue,” said one of the examining officers.