Nelson Mandela Foundation: Nelson Mandela Was Not Against Same-Sex Marriages


The Nelson Mandela Foundation has put out a solid proclamation denying that the previous South African president and hostile to politically-sanctioned racial segregation progressive was ever against same-sex marriages.

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In spite of the fact that the announcement did not make any immediate reference to it, spectators said it was made in response to an against gay flyer disseminated in Australia that utilized the worldwide symbol's name outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand, recommending he was against same-sex marriage.

"It has gone to the consideration of the Nelson Mandela Foundation that the words and picture of Nelson Mandela are being utilized to derive that he was against same-sex marriage. The Nelson Mandela Foundation might want to right this deception," the announcement from the Foundation read.

"We protest the abuse of the legacy of somebody who worked exactly for the acknowledgment of such rights. As South Africa's first fairly chosen president, Nelson Mandela marked into law a constitution that remained for the privileges of all."

"Part 9 of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa says: 'The state may not unreasonably separate straightforwardly or by implication against anybody on one or more grounds, including race, sex, sex, pregnancy, conjugal status, ethnic or social source, shading, sexual introduction, age, incapacity, religion, still, small voice, conviction, society, dialect and birth.'"

"Same-sex marriage has been legitimate in South Africa since the Civil Union Act came into power on November 30, 2006."

The flyer circling in Australia utilizes Nelson Mandela's picture and one of his quotes – 'Youngsters are our most noteworthy fortune. They are our future' – in its call to oppose lawful acknowledgment of same-sex marriages.

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