Need to keep interest in Olympics alive, says Abhinav Bindra


Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra conveyed that strong grassroot level programmes and good facilities will help India achieve success at uppermost level in sport.

 Asked what measures need to be taken to attract more people towards other sports than cricket, Abhinav Bindra conveyed that: "Cricket is a religion and will continue to be a religion, but that does not mean that we can't have other religions in the nation.

 The most essential thing is that we do not have a solid grassroot program where youngsters are supported, given sufficient offices and satisfactory know-how," Bindra said here on Tuesday. Bindra expressed that it is vital to first characterize one's desires.

"At the point when the Olympics comes once in four years, we have a great deal of intrigue couple of months prior, a considerable measure of intrigue couple of weeks after the occasion, yet I think we have to figure out how to keep the intrigue alive.

 I feel financing still needs to penetrate down to the grassroot level," he said. Asked what are the ranges where corporate financing can assume an imperative part in games, Bindra said, "One of the principle territories is framework.

 We need to have a framework set up and make a situation which permits youngsters to go out and play. We need offices to make that environment. We have to engage our mentors and we require set courses which empowers them to be best on the planet."