Need an adorable Stress Buster? Adopt a pet


It is so stress relieving when you return home after a long day work and get greeted by wagging tails along with wet and slobbery kisses.

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Studies say that interacting with a pet increases the output of endorphins and dopamines in the human body. Their unlimited affection acts as a stress buster therapy that lets us  rediscover the meaning of joy and enrichment in life.

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There will never be anyone who is so genuinely happy to see you, everyday of his life and that happiness is contagious. To know that you are loved so unconditionally is really a special feeling. They empathize with you, and they’re always there for you – all the good days and bad.

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The American Heart Association has revealed that owning a pet, especially a dog, can lead to a reduction in heart disease and produce greater longevity.

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In the generation of nuclear families, elders find it hard to connect. Hence, pets become their closest companions that brings a new life into them. “I am glad that they are there. I take care of my two dogs- Fluffy and Maxie, like my children. They really help me get relief from all my worries,” says 62-year-old KP Singh, a retired government employee.

Elders fall in love once again in life as pets fill their lonely life with joy and affection.
Related imageSpending some quality time with you pet can lower your blood pressure. So if you don’t have that adorable furr at home, get one.
Adopt a pet, adopt a life!