6 essential perfume hacks every girl should know

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As lifestyle of every person has changed, girl have started adopting latest fashion trends and techniques to stand out among people. Just like other cosmetic products, perfumes are also integral part of every person’s lives as it enhances their beauty and make them smell good. For all perfume lovers, we have come up with some fragrance hacks that you should know :

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You should keep your perfume in the correct place if you desire your costly perfumes to last for longer times. Avoid keeping perfume bottles in sunlight. Place it in cool and dry places.

Make use of perfume on your body after taking bath. Your body will smell good for longer time.

Use perfume on your hair to get good outcomes. Always remember don’t use perfume directly on your body as it may provide negative impact on your scalp.

Use non-scented lotion on your body ahead of using perfume. Smell of perfume will last for longer time.

A person applying perfume on wrist should not rub it as the smell will fade away soon.

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Last and the most important thing, pick the correct scent so that it last for longer times. You can choose vanilla, musk, patchouli fragrance of perfume.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures