Nearly 55 arrested by UK police for occupying gurudwara


LONDON:  Atleast 55 people have been arrested for carrying weapons and occupying a gurudwara in central England on Sunday. Sikh Youth Group alleged that they were doing protest against the temple’s use for interfaith weddings.
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On Sunday morning, the officers were called early morning to the Gurudwara Sahib to do the protest, The Warwickshire Police said.

Police at first said the gathering comprised of 20 to 30 individuals. A few hours after the episode started, police said they had made 55 captures on suspicion of bothered trespass. They said nobody was harmed.

The power said "a critical number" of bladed weapons had been seized, however it didn't say of what kind. Some Sikh men wear a formal blade known as a kirpan.

Police said the episode wasn't identified with psychological oppression, however was "a heightening of a progressing nearby debate."

A gathering called Sikh Youth Birmingham said on its Facebook page that a tranquil dissent was occurring against an interfaith wedding due to be held at the sanctuary. They said they were maintaining the "holiness" of the Sikh religious wedding function.

A few Sikhs have beforehand questioned blended confidence weddings occurring at gurudwara.

Jatinder Singh Birdi, a previous treasurer at the Leamington sanctuary, told the BBC that "there have been pressures that have been continuing for two or three years," however "nothing has happened on this level some time recently."

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