Nearly 54 Egyptian policemen died in violence with militants


CAIRO, EGYPT: Nearly 54 Egyptian police officers died in clashes by Islamist fighters close to the Bahariya oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt on Saturday.

Egypt: Over 30 policemen were killed in clashes

The interior ministry stated on Saturday that security forces stopping the Islamist militants in Western Egypt were targeted on Friday at the Bahariya oasis.

Several attackers lost their lives during the violence but their death toll is not known yet.

As per the source, the group was strike by rocket fire. The assailants also make use of fiery devices. It is believed that the attack was carried out by popular militant small group Hasm.

As the army eliminated President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist groups have raised their attacks on the military and cops.

Since few days, authorities have been clashing with Egyptian branch of the ISIS group in the north of the Sinai peninsula.

On Saturday, Two truck drivers noticed heavy employments of security personnel in Western Desert of Egypt and that aircraft were performing close watch.

Hasm had carry out several attacks since 2016 on cops, officials as well as judges in Cairo.

In the Sinai Peninsula, several soldiers and cops have been died in the ISIS group clashes.

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Earlier, six soldiers were died in a “militant” gun and grenade attack on October 13 on security post close to the North Sinai provincial capital of El-Arish.