Nearly 30% Women in Madhya Pradesh are not aware of methods of contraception: Family planning body


About 30% of the ladies in Madhya Pradesh don’t know about the methods of contraception, claims an organisation engaged in promoting sexual health and family planning.

There is a pressing need to spread awareness about birth control as a stable component for primary and productive health, Family Planning Association of India’s (FPA India) Bhopal branch president Dr Mamta Mishra said in Bhopal yesterday.

“As per a study, almost 30% ladies in Madhya Pradesh don’t know about the methods of contraception as no such information reaches them,” she said amid a meeting with media people to sensitise them about the state of family planning in MP.

Family planning is integral in promoting primary health care and reproductive health, Dr Mishra said including that media can play an important part in spreading awareness about the rising population.

She said lack of awareness is the reason behind the limitations of family planning programs.

“Individuals consider use of condom as the most ideal way for family planning, therefore, its quality should be enhanced and a system should be developed to guarantee that it reaches every household,” Dr Mishra said.

FPAI’s director, advocacy, Bindiya Nimla likewise emphasised that media can play an important part in expanding awareness about family planning.

The journalists present at the meeting believed that FPAI should share its success stories with individuals through print, electronic and social media platforms to generate awareness about birth control.