Nearly 22 dead as building collapsed in China


Atleast 22 has been killed as the building collapsed in China’s eastern coastal Zhejiang Province on Monday. The search operation has been finished by around 800 rescuers.

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Xinhua News agency stated, “Twenty eight people were pulled from the debris in Wenzhou's Lucheng industrial district”.

The report added that, “Two more bodies were recovered taking the overall death toll from the collapse to 22”.

Around six people were taken to hospital as they were in critical condition earlier. But now, they are in stable conditions. One of the survivors is a young girl who was protected by the bodies of her parents, who were killed in the collapse, the report said. 

The building were built by villagers, said rescuers.

In China, many building have collapsed in recent years as it was not built properly.

In the Southwest area, around 16 people were dead after a residential building in Guizhou province collapsed due to landslide.

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