Nearly 145 flights cancelled as Cyclone Typhoon reaches near Japan


TOKYO:  Cyclone Typhoon has hit Tokyo and some other parts of the valley on Monday afternoon. Due to the heavy rain and strong winds, around 400 flights have been delayed.

Typhoon Kompasu heading to northern Japan

Powerful Typhoon Mindulle affected the northern Tohoku region of the capital, Japan Meteorological Agency asserted.

The storm hit the capital at a speed of 180 kilometres per hour and towards the north region at a speed of 25 kilometres per hour from Miyake island in early morning, the agency said.

No casualties have been reported. Also, no significant damage has been recorded on Miyake. The island is home for around 2,600 residents. It is well known for fishing, tourism and farming.

“In Tokyo… please exercise caution for landslides, flooding in low lying areas, surging rivers, violent wind and high waves,” the weather agency said.

The storm caused airlines across the country to cancel a total of 387 flights, mostly to and from Tokyo’s Haneda airport, national broadcaster NHK said.

“Due to the volcano, nearly 145 domestic flights got cancelled through mid-afternoon, affecting 26,910 customers, while All Nippon Airways cancelled 96 domestic flights, affecting 21,300 passengers.”, Japan Agency said.

According to East Japan Railway, Train services have also been cancelled in Tokyo including super fast bullet trains and many others.

One of the weather agency reported, Typhoon Volcano has hit the northern main island of Hokkaido Sunday, had been downgraded to a temperate depression by early Monday and moved away into the Sea of Okhotsk.

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