Nearly 13 people died in Twin Suicide Bombings at Mogadishu Airport


MOGADISHU: The incident happened on Tuesday when nearly 13 people were killed in twin bombings which took place near UN and African Union Buildings of Mogadishu airport.

The gunfire was heard when the Bomb explosions took place in the area, An AFP journalist said.

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According to Conflict News, Two simultaneous suicide car bombs targeted checkpoints manned by Somali security near the airport entrance.

Earlier, similar attacks were held by Al-Qaeda which linked Shabaab.

"At least 13 people were confirmed to have died in two explosions, one of the vehicles went off near a security checkpoint and another close to a UN compound," said Bishaar Abdi Gedi, a police official.

"The security forces have managed to intercept the attackers and foiled the attacks," Gedi said.

“It was a suicide attack by its terrorists,” Shabaab statement said.

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"The two explosions were carried out by two brave Mujahedeen suicide bombers and they have targeted two different locations where the so-called AMISOM peacekeepers are stationed," it added.  

"Around 9am there was an explosion outside one of our gates, about 200 metres away," mission spokesman Joe Kibet told news agency AFP.

"It looks like an attack, they intended to attack. Now the situation is calm and our personnel is working on it," he added.

Five years ago, Shabaab were forced out of the capital but they continued to attack on military, government and civilians.