Nearly 12 died in New York City apartment fire


At Least Twelve people lost their lives and four others wounded in a fire that took place on Thursday at an apartment building.

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The fatalities also involved one year old child, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated after a building.

The fire occurred at a five-story building of the Bronx Zoo and blaze started from the first floor ahead of 7 p.m., authorities stated.

Neighborhood native Robert Gonzalez stated, “She got out on a fire run off as another native rushed with five children.” She added, “When I got here, she was lament,” Mr. Gonzalez said.

Due to the massive fire, windows of some upper floors were found black and damaged.

“The smoke was crazy, people screaming, ‘Get out!,” a observer, Jamal Flicker stated. “I heard a woman yelling, ‘We’re trapped, help!” he added.

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In year 2007, the massive fire broke out in Bronx that takes the lives of nearly nine children and one person.