Nearly 10 dead as Storm Irma hits Florida, Caribbean


Storm Irma hit South Florida on Thursday that destroyed several buildings and affected normal life of people. The power of storm Irma was higher than that of typhoon Andrew that strike Florida in year 1992, takes the lives of several people and destroyed buildings, trees and many other things. During that time, typhoon Andrew was noted the expensive typhoon in US times past with destructions of $26.5 billion.

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”The consequence of Irma on the state of Florida is believed to be much larger than Andrew’s outcome,” Weather Channel senior hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross stated. ”We’re handling with an wholly diverse level of incidents,” it said.

Typhoon Andrew and Storm Andrew began as scraps of unbalanced weather off Africa and gulp down across the Atlantic.

Storm Andrew was noted as the Category 5 typhoon with a 167 mph (268 kph) winds at one point. Nearly 65 people lost their lives in the storm in year 1992, as per National Hurricane Center’s report.

“It was like an incredible buzz saw giant tornado of a hurricane that hit metropolitan Southeast Florida,” Norcross stated.

As per National Hurricane Center prediction, Irma origin was from south, striking Miami and central region.

Andrew strengthened to a Category 5 typhoon just before hitting land, while Irma has been a Category 5 storm for quite a long time and is gauge to vacillate in power in the following couple days and could hit as a solid Category 4. In any case, gauges of a debilitating tempest are fairly risky, meteorologists said.

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Around 1.9 million individuals lived in Miami-Dade County when Andrew hit. Presently around 6 million individuals live in South Florida’s three provinces and another 4 million individuals live in undermined Orlando and Jacksonville.