NCRB data reveals 25% children rapes were done by their employers and co-workers


In context of Child Labour, the latest data has been revealed by the government which showcased that around 25 per cent of children were raped by their employers as well as co-workers.

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In year 2015, around 8,800 childrens were raped across the country under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act (POCSO). The statistics disclosed that most of the rapes were mostly done by employers as well as co workers, National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data said.

NCRB data said that less than two per cent of rapes committed on women in 2015 happened at the workplace.

Amod Kanth, former police officer and founder of Prayas said, “Children are more vulnerable at the workplace, compared to women. Children work under elders who are in complete command of the work environment. They also work in homes or in closed environments as full-time help. There is no escape and chances of exploitation are high.”

 “When we conducted a national study on child abuse in 2007, along with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, we found that there were as many male victims of child abuse as female,” he added.

NCRB data disclosed that 34,651 rape cases were filed across the country in year 2015 while in 488 cases the victims were raped by her grandfather, father, brother or son. Close family members were the offenders in 891 cases and relatives in 1,788 cases.”

Upwards of 557 ladies were subjected to assault on account of their managers or associates. In 705 cases, casualties blamed their live-in accomplices or previous isolated spouses of having assaulted them, the information appears.

A year ago likewise saw a general plunge in wrongdoing against ladies and an expansion on account of youngsters. There were 3,27,394 arguments enlisted under violations against ladies when contrasted with 3,37,922 cases in 2014, a plunge of 3.1 for every penny. In any case, wrongdoing against youngsters spiked by 5.3 for every penny, from 89,423 in 2014 to 94,172 in 2015. Grabbing and kidnapping constituted 44.5 for every penny of violations against kids a year ago.

The high rate of wrongdoing, in any case, does not inexorably demonstrate a crumbling peace circumstance yet might be the consequence of police enlisting more cases.

In a state-wise separation, Tamil Nadu (55 for every penny) and Gujarat (more than 49 for each penny) had the most number of instances of sexual misuse against kids at the work environment.

The information additionally indicates law masters in poor light. In 2015, just 251 instances of youngster work were enlisted the nation over in which 449 kids were saved.

The information on general wrongdoing against ladies indicates Delhi at the top with 17,104 cases, and a wrongdoing rate of 184.3, and Assam with 23,258 cases and a rate of 148.2. Wrongdoing rate alludes to the quantity of occurrences per one lakh populace of the subject gathering.

On account of kids, as well, Delhi drives the route with 9,489 cases and a wrongdoing rate of 169.4. Among bigger states, Madhya Pradesh approaches with 12,859 cases and a rate of 42.8.

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