NCRB Data: Bengaluru third most unsafe city in India


BENGALURU: The latest Crime data revealed that Bengaluru is the third most risky metro city in the country after New Delhi and Mumbai.

NCRB data disclosed that 35,576 crimes were reported in Bengaluru during 2015 after New Delhi (1.73 lakh cases) and Mumbai (42,940). BENGALURU: Bengaluru is the third most hazardous metro city in the nation after New Delhi and Mumbai, as indicated by most recent wrongdoing information.

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Measurements demonstrate that upwards of 35,576 wrongdoings were accounted for in Bengaluru amid 2015 after New Delhi (1.73 lakh cases) and Mumbai (42,940). Bengaluru is trailed by Kolkata (23,990) and Hyderabad (16,965). With 13,422 cases, Chennai is the most secure metro city in the nation, as indicated by the information discharged by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Tuesday.

Bengaluru reported 188 homicide cases in 2015, the third most astounding after Delhi (464) and Patna (232), among the 53 urban communities in the nation. The NCRB information likewise uncovered that the city recorded 112 assault cases a year ago. The city stood third with 777 instances of grabbing and snatching cases while New Delhi recorded 6,630 cases and Mumbai 1,583 cases.

Police authorities say that the principle purpose behind the ascent in wrongdoing cases reported in the city is because of better reporting framework contrasted with different urban areas. Activists, in any case, say that significantly all the more should be done to make the city more secure.

India's IT capital likewise recorded the dominant part of digital wrongdoing cases in the nation. NCRB information demonstrates that Bengaluru topped the rundown of metro urban areas as far as digital wrongdoing cases recorded – 1,041 cases.

It is trailed by Hyderabad with only 354 cases, Kolkata (111 cases), Delhi(90), Mumbai (26) and Chennai (29). Police authorities say that the city recorded most number of cases since more individuals approached with objections.

Settlement related cases and passings keep on being a reason for stress with Bengaluru enlisting the most extreme cases under Dowry Prohibition Act — 714 cases. The city is trailed by Jamshedpur (157) and Patna (151). Among metros, Delhi recorded 17 cases and Chennai 3. The information demonstrated that there were 54 endowment passings reported in the city in 2015. This is the second most elevated among metro urban areas, after Delhi (100).

Upwards of 784 individuals lost their lives in rash or careless driving in the city in 2015. Among metros, Delhi recorded the greatest passings with 1,339, trailed by Chennai (897).

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