NCRB Data: 34% of Crimes against women in four years, most reports from UP, Maharashtra, West Bengal


The NCRB data have revealed that the crimes against women in year 2015 have rise upto 34% over the last four years which is mostly committed by relatives and husbands.  

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Between year 2012-1015, the  data revealed that the rate of crime has gone to 53.9  against women.

The higher rate could be clarified by expanded wrongdoing, however it could likewise be that more ladies are sufficiently sure to report violations against them, as indicated by this January 2016

Pitilessness by spouse and relatives, in 2015, represented 34 percent of cases, rising 6 percent throughout the most recent four years, from 106,527 cases in 2012 to 113,403 in 2015.

Ambush on ladies represented a fourth of cases a year ago, expanding 82 percent since 2012.

"The quantity of cases is rising since it implies ladies are declining to endure peacefully," said Varsha Sharma, a senior Delhi cop, cited in this BBC Report in October 2014.

The NCRB included three more heads in 2014 under which wrongdoings against ladies were accounted for: Attempt to confer assault (4,437), which expanded 5 percent in 2015, abetment of suicide by ladies (4,060), an expansion of 4 percent, and assurance of ladies from abusive behavior at home (461), which expanded 8 percent.

Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal reported the most violations against ladies in 2015, with 35,527, 31,126 and 33,218 cases, separately.

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