Nazar Dosh Puja


Kalashtami is dedicated to the Kaal God, known as Kaal Bhairava (Avatar of Lord Shiva). On this day, devotees perform Puja to please the Lord. Kaal Bhairava Jayanti is celebrated all over India.

Why should we perform Kaal Bhairava Puja?

  • Worshiping Lord Bhairava helps to get rid of sufferings and pains, especially the troubles related to the paranormal world. 
  • By praying to the Lord, you can enjoy all-year round success and a healthy life, free from any sort of diseases.
  • Overcome chronic diseases
  • Achieve esteemed positions in your career
  • Avoid untimely death
  • Get rid of poverty
  • Get relief from all legal hassles
  • Gain victory against enemies and in other cases
  • Financial growth and better savings
  • Better family relations
  • Good health

Symptoms of evil eye, buri nazar or nazar dosh  that you may have noticed yourself:

  • Sudden vomiting and Diarrhoea
  • The drying up of milk in lactating mothers and livestock
  • Problems with eyesight, menstrual problems
  • Tensions and unnecessary expenses
  •  Souring of milk frequently, food going stale too soon
  • Continued business losses
  • Break down in office automation and machinery
  • Excessive unaccounted thefts and expenses in home and work place
  • Impotence in men and infertility in women
  • Severe headaches and neck pain with heavy eyes
  • An acute uneasiness or apprehension: a feeling of everything seems to be going wrong
  • Frequent quarrels amongst couples
  • Breakdown of communication amongst married partners and lovers
  • Stomach ache accompanied by dizziness and vomiting.
  • Unusual and excessive crying in babies, followed by severe stomach ache

Astrospeak is organizing a Special Group Puja for Nazar Dosh Nivaran on Kalashtami. This Puja will be performed by learned priests in strict accordance with classic rituals.

What will you get after the Puja?

Energized Hanging Evil Eye Remover Ambulant: It is an energized ambulant to ward off evil eyes in homes and businesses. For best results, the evil eye ambulant is hung over the front main door of our homes/office — from where people enter.

Energised Kauri Shankh (5 pieces )– Energised Kauri Shankh is a form of shankha which when kept in one’s home, can bring good luck and prosperity.