Navratri Day 5 : Know about importance of Goddess Katyayani


The season of Navratri festival have started across India. It will last long for nine days. Every day holds great significance among Hindu people. According to Hindu Calendar, at least four seasonal Navratris take place in India. In the month of March/April, Chaitra Navratri festival is celeberated, on the other hand, Sharad Navratri is celeberated in September/ October.

Image result for Navratri Day 5 : Know about importance of Goddess KatyayaniDay 5 : Significance of Goddess Skandamata

On the sixth day of Navratri, Goddess Katyayani is worshipped. Lord Katyayani incorporates four hands and three eyes. She is recognized as the combatant goddess.

Goddess Katyayani’s existence has also been observed in Buddhist text, Jain text and Tantric text.

Image result for Goddess KatyayaniOn this day, one must chant this mantra, “Om Katyayani Mahabhage Mahayoginy Adhishvarim Nand Gop Sutam Devi Patiam Me Kurute Namah”

The devotees of Goddess Katyayani must recite this mantra for atleast five times a day. It is supposed that continually reciting this mantra helps to eliminate all barriers that stoppage the wedding of a girl including Manglik Dosha.

Image result for Goddess KatyayaniDevotees of Goddess Katyayani should wear yellow saree on the sixth day of Navratri. Followers can also adorn orange color ethnic wear.

Day 4 : Importance of Worshiping Devi Kushmanda

As the Puja is carried out, it is vital for girls to suit up orange colored attires.