Natural Way of Ripening of Mango


We all have learnt not everything that shines is gold! This lesson is very useful whenever you go in market and buy anything. The wrong way of ripening fruits lose their taste, fragrance, and nutrition. The most appropriate way to buy a mango is to buy raw mango and ripe it in a natural way at home. The easiest way to check the best mango is to check the upper side of the mango properly. It should be a bit bloated. Apart from this, the mango you select should be pest free, it should not contain nail marks, and should not contain any holes. While buying, do not choose for its shiny skin and attractive look but try to identify with its scent and outer appearance.

Natural ways for ripening fruits:    

In the closed room with normal temperature, the mango should be wrapped in a paper and placed in a box. After this, it should be covered with old newspaper or cloth from all sides. After keeping the mangoes in this state for 3 days, you can taste the mango which is riped safely and naturally.

FSSAI allows the use of ‘ethylene’ to ripe fruit, which is a natural factor in the formation of fruit. Ethylene has no adverse effect on health, hence the fruit is riped completely and is safe for consumption.

How Nutritive is Your Mango·

As well as being rich in common nutrients such as Vitamin-A, it is also naturally contained with detoxify agent. Its fibrous digester is the right balance of fiber and sugar. Apart from this, phytonutrient and vitamin C are also found in abundance. Apart from these nutrients, there are 25 different types of carotenoid, which keep our immune system resistant and provide protection from the germs that give birth to diseases.

Loss of Health by Carbide Riped Mango

According to the demand of mango in the market, adequate amounts of mango are not riped by the time, and then it is riped with the help of calcium carbide. However in the mango, the parts of arsenic and phosphorus helps in ripening. It is highly reactive chemical, which produces acetylene gas when it comes to exposure to moisture. Acetylene affects the human nervous system and reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain, it can also cause ulcers in the mouth, stomach upset and even food poisoning.In fact, when the mango gets riped naturally, then it reduces the amount of moisture down to about 7-10% and also reduces the weight of mango. To avoid this harm, carbide has also been used to make common ripening agent, which is very harmful for our health.