Natural Remedies For Acidity


In today’s hectic life, Acidity is a common problem. Acidity causes irritation of the stomach’s lining, or even cause an increase in digestive juices. Spicy food are the reason behind this stomach problem. In worse scenarios, it may even give rise to what’s known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.

So, here are some natural remedies to get rid of this problem.


The starch present in banana can give immediate relief from acidity. Make sure that you eat full ripe banana, as a raw one can make matters worse.

Image result for bananaYogurt-

Yogurt helps to multiply the beneficial bacteria which resides in it. So if you are suffering with acidity problem then reach for the yogurt. It will cool down your burning in stomach due to acidity.

Image result for yogurtMilk-

A glass of milk can also put an end to acidity. But sometimes show negative effects on some people. So, make sure to observe your condition after drinking a glass of milk.

Image result for milkWater-

Water is capable to make the digestive juices weak and proves to be a reliever from acidity. Drink a glass of water every morning if you’re prone to acidity.

Image result for waterMarshmallow Root-

The gooey element present in marshmallow root tea acts as a phenomenal home remedy for acidity. This element is called ‘Mucilage’ which helps to get rid of stomach irritation. Marshmallow Root is easily available from any health food stores.

Image result for marshmallow rootAloe Vera-

The aloe-Vera juice give quick relief from acidity as it covers the lining of the esophagus and stomach. This will prevent you from any stomach irritation.

Image result for aloe vera Bleeding PimpleHoly Basil-

Holy basil or Tulsi is an excellent home remedy for acidity. Chew 5 fresh leaves of tulsi on a daily for instant relief from acidity.

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