National Anthem banned by UP School, Teachers Quit, Manager Arrested


A school in Uttar Pradesh's Allahabad has banned the national anthem as it was considered as “un-Islamic”.

The manager of the school has been arrested after several teachers quit the job over his denial to allow the anthem this Independence Day.

The administrator of the MA convent school, Zia-Ul Haq, has been booked under a law against "Abuse to National Honor". He has additionally been blamed for running the school wrongfully.

A senior area official, Andre Vamsi, said, “Mr Haq's announcements had brought on pressure in the public arena and police protestations had been documented against him. “

Mr Haq had told educators that it is inadmissible for Muslim understudies to sing the wordsBharat Bhagya Vidhata – which he translated as "India is the ruler of its kin" – as just God is the master.

"The vast majority of us have not been working here for quite a while. We were stunned to discover that the school has never permitted the singing of national song of devotion in the most recent 12 years," said Ritu Tripathi.

"We were requested that fall in line or leave, so we picked a choice taking into account our inner voice," she included.

Mr Haq had told NDTV that he had not permitted the song of praise "remembering the perspectives of Muslim guardians".

"Muslims trust that the Almighty is the master of everybody, including all Indians… Indeed, even the Supreme Court has said that a man is allowed to not sing the national song of praise if any part of the hymn is against his or her religion," he said.

"We had sent its administration a notification to close the establishment around a week back. We are astounded to discover that the school is as yet running," said Jaikaran Yadav.