Nargis Fakhri Hinding Her Face, Why?


Nargis Fakhri returned to Mumbai on Saturday after doing a disappearing act from Bollywood. She covered up at the airport, hoping to go unnoticed, She had no such luck. What had happened was this: NF left midway through the promotions of Azhar, also skipping the Housefull 3 promotions. It was learned that she had taken off to New York and nobody knew why. Her rep claimed that hectic work got the better of her and that she needed immediate rest and urgent medical attention.

Others claimed a nervous breakdown due to actor-turned- producer Uday Chopra turning down her marriage proposal, was to blame. There were even a few who believed she had headed to the West for a new career. But the actress made a few appearances, attending a film awards event in Spain in June. And just last week, posted vacation pictures with her friends in Greece. It is believed that she is back to promote Banjo, her next. The film's first look releases tomorrow (August 9).

Nargis’ spokesperson says, “She took some much needed time off in New York to get her health on track. She also shot for a 10- day schedule of Banjo while she was away. Knowing that she would be jumping straight into work with her Banjo promotions, magazine cover shoots and brand endorsements when she lands in Mumbai, she decided to take a brief holiday with her friends in Greece before coming back to India.”