Narendra Modi praises Chinese President Xi Jinping on second term after Party Congress


Indian PM Narendra Modi has passed on good wishes to Chinese President Xi Jinping following the recently finished Communist Party Congress meeting in Beijing that raised Xi’s position before his second term.

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“Congratulations to President Xi on getting re-elected as CPC General Secretary. Look forward to further promotes India-China ties together,” PM Modi shared on Twitter.

Narendra Modi’s memorandum of best wishes comes following tricky time in bilateral binds after the 72-day border confrontation in Doklam that finished on August 28. In China, PM Modi and Xi had a pleasant meeting in Xiamen after the BRICS Summit in the month of September.

The officials saw PM Modi and Xi meeting in Hamburg at the G20 as a divergence in moving forward India and China to settle the border confrontation serenely.

Modi and Xi have had nearly nine meetings and the duo have created a well-built rapport inspite of a latest challenge in the connection.

During the Party Congress meeting, Xi’s position in the party was raised with his name and ideological involvement.

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On Wednesday, a new leadership array was revealed with Xi starting his second-term with no selected heir and with several important associates in both the Politburo and the PLA Central Military Commission.