Are Your Nails Bacteria Free?


When we were children, we were taught that always to wash hands properly and to keep our nails small and clean. This was done so that we can stay bacteria free and away from infections. May be to keep us away from bacteria and infections this is the first step. This is a fact which should be noticed that even after washing our hands it’s not fully bacteria free.
Your nails are the hub of dirt and germs. This increases infections such as Pinworms.

In 1988 dermatology department of Pennsylvania University found in a study that the space under our nails is where bacteria are found in large amount. This research was done with 26 young people who had no contact with any disease and this study was proved right.
In another study, the researchers discovered that bacteria are found more in artificial nails rather than natural nails whether your hands are properly washed or not. Due to artificial nails the hands are not washed properly.

On the other hand, Noah researchers at the John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore in 1993, found that natural nails are safer than artificial nails in order to stay free from bacteria. So keep extra care even after washing your hands with anti- bacterial soap.