Nagpur: BJP worker who assaulted for carrying beef, detained


Nagpur:  A BJP worker Salim Shaha has been detained by Nagpur Rural Police under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act for possession of beef on Monday. The cow vigilantes group allegedly beaten him on July 12 for including beef with him.

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On July 12, Shaha was attacked by cow vigilantes group for illegally carrying beef. Police asserted on Sunday after the report by forensic laboratory that the meat which he was having with him was beef.

Superintendent of police (Nagpur Rural) Shailesh Balkawde assserted that Shaha was captured on Sunday night. He will appear in Narkhed magistrate’s court of Nagpur today. After the investigation, he was taken into the custody.

On Tuesday, police wil interrogate him during the custody, SP stated. He asserted, a case has been filed at Jalalkheda Police Station.

Salim Shaha (34), a native of Katol town in Nagpur district, was coming back home on his motorcycle on July 12 when some cow assailants attacked him at a bus stop in the Bharsingi village.

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Four cow vigilantes have been found as Ashwin Uike (35), Rameshwar Taywade (42), Moreshwar Tandurkar (36) and Jagdish Chaudhari (25). They were charged for attacking him.