Nagaur Police give their one day compensation to saints’ family


Saluting the courage of two cops, who kicked the bucket in terminating by Anand Pal Singh’s posse in Nagaur, no less than 2000 policemen of Nagaur area gave their one-day compensation for the saints’ families. Out of the gathered produced, a check of Rs 7.5 lakh was given to the sister of 24-year-old constable with fast reaction group of Nagaur Police on the event of Raksha Bandhan on Thursday.

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Giving monetary guide alongside standard visits to the relatives of Khuma Ram(24), who passed on in terminating by infamous outlaw’s group on March 21 this year, was settled on by the then director of police Gaurav Srivastav who is presently DCP (Headquarters) at Jaipur police commissionerate.
On Thursday morning, no less than 20 policemen drove by SP Paresh Deshmukh came to at Guda Bhagwan Das town – the local spot of Ram – where 19-year-old sister of the saint constable Sangeeta tied Rakhi on SP’s wrist.
“As she tied Rakhi, we gave over the check of Rs 7.5 lakh which was at long last given to Mangi Devi the mother of expired constable. After he lost his life while battling with outlaws, my forerunner Gaurav Srivastav chose to contribute one-day compensation of about 2000 policemen of Nagaur region. At long last, Rs 15 lakh are gathered out of which we have given portion of it to Khuma’s family,” said Deshmukh.
The signal has not finished here as these cops are presently energetically anticipating Eid-Ul-Adha (September 12) when they will hand over another check of Rs 7.5 lakh to the group of 42-year-old head constable of Kuchaman police headquarters Faiz Mohammed.
“Faiz likewise lost his life after he supported shot wounds after he could seize Vijendra Indali, an associate of Anand Pal Singh in 2014 who was captured by Nagaur police,” Deshmukh included.
Whenever reached, Gaurav Srivastav, said, “I am cheerful that my thought and demand was all around executed by my successor Paresh Deshmukh and the entire Nagaur police.”
Khuma Ram, posted in Nagaur was among the group pursuing a pack on March, 21 this year which amid then was accepted to be of Raju Theth and got slug wounds amid trade of flame. Later, it ended up being Anand Pal Singh’s posse and the casualty constable succumbed. Amid then police had chosen not to observe Holi.

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