Nagarhole National Park is best to explore wildlife sanctuary!

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Travelling is being loved by almost everyone. Some people get attracted towards river, water while others likes to spend time in exploring hill stations to get peace. There are also few people who love to visit wildlife sanctuaries to capture perfect photographs. For wildlife lovers, this article is best. Today, we are telling you about Nagarhole National Park that is situated in Karnataka. It is popular by name Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

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Talking about its history, it is believed that the king of Mysore used to hunt at this place. In year 1983, it was given name of National Park and later it became wildlife sanctuary in year 1995. This wildlife sanctuary is located between Mysore and Coorg.

Several tourists visit Nagarhole sanctuary to capture photos of tigers. Here you will get chance to see various animals including deer, cheetah, leopard, elephant, wild cat etc. Tourists also love to see herd of elephants at this place. The tourist should not miss the opportunity to visit this sanctuary from October to February.

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Many tourists like to go here in the summer season too. Only the number of tourists coming here in the rainy season decreases. Millions of tourists come to see wildlife in this famous tourist destination of Coorg. This place is very suitable for those who love photography.

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