Nadia Murad, survivor of the ISIS atrocities, Selected as Goodwill Ambassador for human trafficking


Nadia Murad, a survivor of the ISIS barbarities, was chosen to be the of the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for human trafficking on September 16, 2016. The formal UN declaration states, "Amid her Ambassadorship, Nadia will concentrate on backing activities and bring issues to light around the situation of the innumerable casualties of trafficking". 

Nadia was only 19 years of age when ISIS psychological oppressors assumed control over her town in Iraq in 2014. Being from the non-Muslim Yazidi people group implied that she needed to experience the most noticeably bad sort of torment. She had seen her sibling and dad being slaughtered before her eyes. Amid her three months of bondage, she was whipped and assaulted a few times. The time that she attempted to get away, she was gangraped by six men till she lost awareness. 

She opened up about her own particular dull experience while tending to the United Nations Security Council in 2015 which illustrates the ISIS-held northern Iraq. She was taken as a sex slave by the ISIS and what took after was, as she puts it, a sort of torment that 'a brain couldn't envision'. The "slaves" were made to supplicate before being assaulted and were liable to customary thumping. 

Nadia Murad was at last ready to escape to look for shelter in Germany where she likewise got restorative guide. 

The youthful Iraqi has as of now met with Amal Clooney, who will speak to her and a few other ladies tormented because of ISIS, as their case is taken to the International Criminal Court. 

As indicated by Nadia's own site, she is "committed to helping ladies and youngsters exploited by genocide, mass monstrosities and human trafficking, recuperate and re-assemble their lives and groups" and her new position with the United Nations will help her with her central goal.